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Becoming a safer driver with defensive driving tactics helps you save lives, time and money – even if others around you are not driving safely. Follow these simple rules to help yourself achieve a safer trip.

Look Ahead 

Make sure you are looking farther ahead to see what is upcoming on the road. This helps you look for potential hazards in the road instead of seeing only what is right in front of you.

Make Sure You Can Escape

Having a plan for when a distracted driver is in the vicinity is always great. Know where lines are in the road and where you can safely maneuver to get away. These kinds of plans help you avoid things like people slamming on brakes or sliding out in front of you.

Maintain a Good Following Distance

Giving yourself at least another car’s length of space can help you avoid an accident. Most people tend to follow too closely, and this can cause fender benders or serious accidents if a car decides to cut you off.

No Distractions 

Some of the biggest offenders on the road are the devices we use to distract ourselves. Texting while driving can have dire consequences. Make sure GPS systems are facing toward you so you can easily read them. Keep your eyes on the road at all times even if your passengers may be distracting you with chat. 
By following these rules, you keep yourself and others safe on the road. To learn about car insurance and how to drive safely, call Boone Ritter today.