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Your car is a big part of your life, and it’s a big investment as well. You need to protect it and your family with the right car insurance. If you’re looking for the best policy for you, Boone Ritter Insurance can help. We can offer you an accurate and fair car insurance quote so that you get the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Just give us a call!

Learn More About the Coverage You Need 


Most basic plans come with three different types of coverage for your car. These include: 

  • Liability coverage:  This coverage is perfect for if you are found at fault in an accident. Liability coverage will cover third-party costs, such as medical bills or car repairs for the other party. 

  • Comprehensive coverage: Comprehensive insurance covers different accidents and events such as hail damage, theft, fire, or even a tree branch falling on your car. Protect yourself from the unexpected. 

  • Collision coverage:  Collision coverage will help you pay any repairs or replacement costs after an accident. This is essential coverage if the other driver is at fault and doesn’t have enough liability coverage to pay your bills. This also covers your own repairs and bills if you’re at fault. 

Protect yourself and protect others on the road with the right amount of insurance coverage. Boone Ritter Insurance is more than willing to talk with you to help you decide which types and which amounts of coverage are best for you. We can even look at your current policy to see if you have adequate protection right now.


We also offer:

  • Classic car insurance 

  • RV insurance 

  • Motorcycle insurance 

  • Watercraft insurance 

Whatever type of coverage you need, we can help. Contact us  today to get a free auto insurance quote.

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