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12 Essential Holiday Safety Tips to Keep Your Festivities Merry and Safe

The holidays are a time for joy, but they also bring safety concerns that shouldn't be overlooked. At Boone Ritter Insurance, we value your well-being, which is why we've compiled 12 crucial safety tips to ensure your celebrations are both merry and safe this holiday season.

  1. Candle Caution: Keep a watchful eye on lit candles, ensuring they're extinguished before leaving the room or heading to bed. Surprisingly, candles cause over half of all home decoration fires during December.

  2. Lighting and Heater Awareness: Unplug tree lights, decorations, and space heaters when not in use or before going to sleep. This simple step helps prevent fire incidents that local fire departments often respond to during the holiday season.

  3. Wrapping Paper Woes: Resist the urge to toss wrapping paper into the fireplace. The sudden ignition of wrapping paper can lead to flash fires, posing significant risks.

  4. Certified Lighting: Use lights that have undergone safety testing by recognized labs. Check for damages before decorating, reducing the likelihood of fire hazards.

  5. Electrical Overload: Avoid overloading circuits, extension cords, or electrical sockets. By adhering to safety guidelines, you lower the risk of electrical fires.

  6. Kitchen Caution: Cooking-related fires are common during the holidays. Stay attentive while cooking or baking, even when roasting, to prevent kitchen accidents.

  7. Pet Protection: Keep holiday plants like poinsettias, mistletoe, and holly away from pets as they may cause various health issues if ingested.

  8. Smoke Detector Check: Test your smoke detector regularly and replace batteries at least once a year. These simple steps significantly reduce fire-related risks.

  9. Responsible Celebrating: Celebrate responsibly, especially when it comes to drinking and driving. Ensure a designated driver or use rideshare services to ensure everyone's safety.

  10. Tree Care: Whether artificial or natural, trees need care. Hydrate your tree and place it safely to prevent tree-related accidents.

  11. Fireplace Maintenance: Regularly clean and inspect your fireplace and chimney. Keep flammable items at a safe distance for a cozy yet safe ambiance.

  12. Travel and Social Media: Avoid sharing your travel plans on social media before returning home. Protect your house against potential thieves while enjoying your holiday break.

This holiday season, prioritize safety alongside the celebrations. By implementing these simple yet crucial safety measures, you can safeguard your home and loved ones, ensuring a festive season filled with joy and peace of mind.

Remember, at Boone Ritter Insurance, your safety is our priority. For more information on staying secure during the holidays with the right Home Insurance, reach out to us today!



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