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Did you know October is officially recognized as Halloween Safety month? The National Safety Council and Boone Ritter Insurance encourage people to take extra care when it comes to driving and walking during Halloween. A lot of people are outdoors late into the evening, especially in residential areas, so keep your eyes peeled for trick-or-treaters, ghouls and goblins.

Before the festivities begin, make sure to prepare for a safe and fun-filled night. Here are some helpful safety tips to make sure everyone has fun and stays safe:

Trick-Or-Treating. If your kids are trick-or-treating, make sure they have something bright and reflective on their costumes. If nothing else, make sure they have a reliable flashlight with them to keep on at all times. With either option, people driving will be able to see them after dark.

Blind as a bat. Masks, large hats, or wigs can block vision. If you can use makeup instead of a mask, it’s not a bad idea. If not, ensure masks fit properly and hats, wigs, etc. can be adjusted for proper viewing.

Don’t get burned. Costumes should be fire-resistant. This is especially important for small children who may not be able to react as quickly as older children and adults. Safety first!

Parental Guidance. If your kids are under 13 years old, it’s safer to take your little ones on their neighborhood trick-or-treating. Of course, this can depend on the child, and where you live.

Buddy System. Tell your kids to stay in large groups. Designate at least one friend they will keep up with in case people get separated. Tell them to stay in as much light as possible if they’re out alone after dark.

Can you hear me now? These days, everyone has a cell phone, even kids. If possible, allow your kid(s) to carry a cell phone in case something comes up or they need help. Check with other kids they are hanging out with and see if they have a cell phone, too.

Time is of the essence. Set a time that your children should be back at home. Make sure they know to contact you before said time if something comes up so there’s no confusion.

Stay alert! Kids tend to dart across the road and not pay as much attention to the signs and traffic signals as hope. Slow down, keep your eyes peeled, and listen for anyone who might trying to alert you of what’s around you.

Keep it clean. Get non-toxic Halloween make up and make sure it is taken off before bed.

Be safe and have fun! Most of all, remember to stay alert, set some rules for the kids. From all of us at Boone Ritter Insurance, we hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!

At Boone Ritter Insurance, we strive to maintain our reputation as the top insurance agency in the area, and in order to do so, we offer a range of different policy options. We are here to help you get the best value and ensure you are protected. Contact the office nearest you to learn more!



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