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How to Celebrate Down Syndrome Awarness Month

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and at Boone Ritter Insurance, our lives have been personally touched by this condition. Down syndrome is the most common chromosomal condition. It affects about 6,000 babies each year, and the prevalence of this condition increases with the mother's age. Down syndrome causes delays in physical growth, and intellectual disability, as well as characteristic facial features.

Despite the various facts about the condition, it's still important to note that children with Down syndrome can still live long and happy lives. This is why it's important that people learn more about the condition and celebrate those who live with it. During Down Syndrome Awareness Month, people can also learn about the advancements that have occurred in the field of medicine.

Throughout October, we'll highlight some of the activities our team at Boone Ritter Insurance is involved with during this special month. If you want to participate, too, here are some ideas to help you get involved with Down Syndrome Awareness Month:

Join in on a Buddy Walk

To raise awareness about Down syndrome, people can participate in a Buddy Walk. Over 250 walks and counting are held across the US and other countries. Click here to find a Buddy Walk near you.

Educate others

Sharing books that promote the inclusion of people with Down syndrome can also help children learn more about their peers. Gigi's Playhouse Inc., providers of free therapeutic and educational resources for individuals with Down syndrome, suggests "My Friend Isabelle," by Eliza Woloson, and "What's Inside You Is In Me Too: My Chromosome Make Me Unique," by Deslie Webb Quinby and Jeannie Visootsak.

Support Special Olympics

Eunice Kennedy Shriver established the Special Olympics in response to the experiences of her sister Rosemary, who had an intellectual disability. She believed that people with disabilities could accomplish more than we could ever imagine, and through sports, we could bring people together to see their true abilities and celebrate.

Spread the word

Use #DownSyndromeAwarenessMonth on social media to find and share information about the disorder and to spread the word about the contributions of people with Down syndrome to our society.


Spend your time and talent on an organization that supports Down syndrome education or provides services for individuals with Down syndrome and their families. You can try: Gigi’s Playhouse, Down Syndrome Resource Foundation,National Down Syndrome Society and National Down Syndrome Congress. You can also click here to find other local organizations near you.



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