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The Different Types of Health Insurance

Health Insurance plans are essential to give you the peace of mind that your health care needs and costs are accounted for. There are multiple options for health insurance for differing needs and budgets. Boone Ritter Insurance in Arkansas wants to help you find the right insurance for your needs, so let's start by breaking down the different types of health insurance:

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)

With an HMO policy, you are required to choose from a local network of doctors, hospitals, and professional facilities that you will use for any healthcare needs. They also require you to select a primary care provider as your base for any medical care.

If you stay within the specified network, they are typically the cheapest of all health insurance options, making them great for anyone on a tight budget or for those who don't regularly require health check-ups.

Exclusive Provider Organizations (EPOs)

EPOs give you access to a network of providers which you can go to for healthcare needs. They generally do not have a coverage plan for an out-of-network plan unless it is an emergency. You are usually not required to choose a primary care provider, but some programs do require this.

This option is tailor-made for anyone who wants the freedom to visit specialists within their networks without them needing a referral from a primary care provider.

Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)

PPOs offer an extensive network of providers to choose from, and you can choose to see out-of-network specialists at a higher cost. In addition, there is no requirement for selecting a primary care provider, meaning you can see specialists with no referral.

This plan is generally the most expensive, but it is an excellent choice for anyone who wants freedom of choice for their healthcare providers. It is also a good option for people who frequently travel due to its capacity for out-of-network options.

Point of Service Plan (POS)

POS plans are a mix of the HMO and PPO plans. They offer low costs like an HMO, at the price of a smaller network of healthcare providers. You have to choose a primary care provider who will refer you to a specialist if necessary. The primary care provider will act as the main base for all your healthcare concerns.

POS plans differ from HMOs in the fact that you can see out-of-network specialists. However, your portion of the costs will be increased, and you will have to file claims yourself. POS plans are great for anyone who wants the benefits of a PPO for a lower price!

There is a plan for your needs

Depending on your personal needs, there will always be a health insurance option that will suit you best! If you are looking for a cheaper health insurance option, or don't require regular healthcare visits, consider a POS or HMO plan. However, consider a PPO option if you require regular care and need the freedom to see specialists or an extensive network to draw from. With consideration and planning, you can figure out the perfect healthcare option for you.

Choosing the right insurance will give you the relief that your healthcare is accounted for no matter the situation. The experts at Boone Ritter Insurance in Arkansas can help you find the right health insurance options that will have you covered. Contact our offices in Springdale, AR; Cabot, AR; and Siloam Springs, AR to review your coverage options.



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